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Let’s face it, our society is not the easiest to navigate at times, leading to higher levels of stress, dissatisfaction, and divorce.  Family Law is like a melting pot of emotional and legal relationships, topped off with many laws to keep the temperature acceptable.  The challenge is finding what works to help people through tough times.  Words like custody, child support, parenting time, legal decision making can be scary given popular stimulus surrounding them.  

However, there is always a solution.  Experiencing these areas firsthand as a dad and former CPS Case Manager, I can help you navigate many of these areas and be the best for what matters most.  


Quick note….. Dependency, Adoptions, and Termination of Parental Rights are out of my scope of practice.  I have referrals to others legal professionals for these areas.  You may also refer to the Pima County Bar Association or Arizona Bar Association for referrals as well.

Child Custody/Support/Relocation

When children are born, so many rushes of emotion and “oh my” syndrome come into play.  I was completely freaked out when holding my daughter for the first time.  Generally, who really wants to think about custody orders and so forth with a new baby? 


Legal obligations begin upon birth.  Issues such establishing paternity, custodial arrangements, and care for the child are very important for a child’s identity and future life.  Think of building a pyramid, the pyramid cannot work without a good foundation.


Even though theory indicates that all parents will get long etc., reality indicates opposite.  This is where establishing paternity, custodial responsibilities, child support, and relocation (there are other areas, however these are the big ones) come into play.  I believe that everyone has something special that makes then a great person, however sometimes people need a guiding document or authority to move forward.


All children need and deserve starting out with an equal chance.  The responsibility to provide this chance belongs to the parents.  I can help get the right track started.

Father's Rights and Advocacy

Even within new laws and rules, Dad’s still get the short end at times.  Is it because of our nature? Our size? Voices? Choices of employment? I don’t think anyone is really sure what the issues are.  I’ve read many books over the years that advocate for and against Dad’s being in children’s lives after divorces.  Hate to say it, but many of these books were one person’s opinion (many times based upon anger with their own lives, speaking of opinion….just saying….).


However, your child’s wishes are more important than any books, media, or otherwise.  Children need both parents regardless of opinion.  That’s where all parents need to make a choice during custody proceedings.  Is it more important to be the foundation and guiding source your child needs? Or is it more important to argue about everything the children don’t need or understand?


I’ve been there and know how tough it can be to rise above.  Even if you’re not a dad, I am there to help guide and share my experience to help you make the right decisions.

Post Decree Matters

What happens after the initial divorce or custody arrangements are closed and you’ve moved on? What happens as your children grow and mature? Does life really do what we want when we want?  What happens when one parent changes their mind about the established agreements?


Here is where things get interesting.  As the Courts are not ideal substitutes for parenting (no offense intended to the Courts), the parents are expected to get along and allow the guiding documents to change as the children grow.  In a perfect world, this is awesome.  However, humans are emotional creatures and things happen.  I’ve dealt with the extreme spectrum of this area both personally and professionally.  Again, what’s the most important piece? The children’s welfare or the parents’ issues?


I can help with revising agreements, suggesting adjustments, and keeping the spirit of the agreements in place.  

Civil Litigation

I am proud to offer assistance with under $10000 claims (in Justice and Municipal Courts Only) such as contract disputes, contract enforcement, and other related areas.  

Per ACJA 7-210 (F)(2)(b), any civil matter that is or could be before a municipal or Justice court in Arizona, other than matters in which a licensed attorney is not permitted to appear. (its always best to check the local rules with me first).

Small Claims

This is perhaps the most user-friendly form of justice in our Courts.  The limits in Arizona are $3500 and attorney/legal counsel are not allowed in unless everyone agrees in writing.  My favorite part, each participant gets their say and the Court makes the decision.   I can help with identifying the issues, drafting the complaint, and coaching prior to the hearing.


This is a tricky area at times.  AZ Law requires multiple features be included in the lease agreements, oftentimes the renters don't truly understand what they are agreeing to.  I can help review, research, and present solutions to common (and uncommon) issues experienced by renters.  Always remember, the lease agreement is the guiding force in most, if not all cases.  There is no such thing as a bad question about this area.  

I am also a licensed Pest Control Professional in Arizona over 14 years.  I will always take a moment to hear you and use this experience to best assist!

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Family/Limited Civil Law Lawyer

About JNH Legal Services, PLLC.

I always wanted to be a dad.  The thought of having a child to help grow and be successful was always a thrill.  However, life gets in the way.  Growing up in a single parent home, the feelings of “am I normal” and jealousy when the other Dads were present at peer events hurt pretty bad.  I told myself if ever in this situation when older, I would be the Dad I never had.  Moving forward in life and becoming a single parent, I experienced extreme levels of parental alienation and other forms of resistance just to be with my daughter.  


I was very fortunate to have legal help from some amazing attorney’s throughout the years (even when I probably did not deserve their patience….nuff said).  Each one took time to help guide and show me that I could be the Dad I wanted while handling extreme levels of resistance for me.  The focus of their support was always on me being a great Dad and letting them handle the rest.


This is why I am privileged to be a Legal Paraprofessional, licensed in Family Law.  I believe that good things must be passed on to others.  I know the hurt shared on all sides of the spectrum.  With the amount of help and support given to me by many folks, it is time to give back to anyone needing help while always focusing on the children’s overall benefit. 


I grew up in Tucson, Arizona and graduated from Rincon High School in 1990.  My employment experience includes military vehicle mechanics, corrections/detention management, legal case management, and professional sales.  I hold a master’s degree in legal studies from the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law, master’s degree in leadership/administration from Northern Arizona University, and bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Northern Arizona University.  I am a disabled Veteran from the U.S. Army and Eagle Scout.


I hold many awards from my customers throughout my career, however the best one is seeing my daughter attend college and becoming her own person.  It is always my hope to help others navigate through difficult times.  As my grandfather, Brigadier General Maury J. Halper (U.S. Army, Retired) used to say, “there is always a solution”.  

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